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(X)HTML Hypertext Markup Language
Apache The Apache webserver. Sorry, I don't have any experience with IIS or any of the others.
Blogging Be a blogger. See the RSS section too.
Color Color schemes
Content Management Systems Easily manage your content with these systems :)
CSS Cascading style sheets, separation of church and state- oh I mean separation of content and presentation.
Customer service / Support Providing support, customer service & help to your customers
Design, Style & Useability Create usable sites for a modern age :)
DNS Domain name servers
Domains Domains, registration & transfers.
ECommerce Selling / buying things
Editors & IDEs Text editors, & integrated development environments for web development.
Firefox Extensions Firefox extensions that are helpful to webmasters
Forum Software Have a community
Freelancing Find freelance programmers, designers, translators etc. Or find work :)
FTP / SSH / Telnet File transfer & server connections/control
Google Google gets its own section :)
Graphics Tools for creating/manipulating images & sources for images
Hosting Got to have someplace to host. Of course there are hundreds of other hosting companies, but these are the best (subjective of course).
Javascript / AJAX Javascript is not Java, and the ubiquitous AJAX is Javascript.
JS WYSIWYG Editors Javascript editors to place on your pages or in your web app.
Mailing lists / Listserv Manage mailing lists & Listservs. The ones marked "Listserv" are for email discussions among many users, the others are for you to email to the list.
Maintenance Keep your site in tip-top shape
Mobile accessibility Stuff to help you make your site accessible to mobile (phone, pda etc) users
Monetization How can you make money with your website?
Perl Larry Wall's dynamic programming language.
Php Php the web programming language
Promotion Get the word out about your site.
Python Google's favorite programming language.
Reg Ex Regular Expressions
Robots / Spiders / Search Handling robots or adding search to your site
RSS/Atom feeds Learn about syndication. See also the blogging section. RSS => RDF Site Summary / Really Simple Syndication.
Ruby / RoR Ruby is a programming language, Ruby on Rails is a simple open source web application framework written in Ruby.
SEO / SEM Search Engine Optimization & Marketing & Online marketing / promotion in general
Servers Servers and server administration stuff. See also the Apache section.
SPAM Dealing with SPAM
SQL All about SQL (mostly MySQL-specific stuff)
Statistics Server stats can be really useful
Tcl Tcl, Tcl/Tk
Tools There are lots of tools that didn't seem to fit in the other categories
Tutorials, Examples, Code & Reference This is for sites that have lots of examples and tutorials, but don't fit into one category for JS, CSS, Php etc.
Validation, Cross-browser checking Make sure it validates and works in most browsers. See also the Mobile accessibility section for phone/pda-specific validators.
WebDAV Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning (Thanks Dan M. for suggesting this)
Webmaster Forums Talk about what you're doing

Latest Posts

Sandisk Extreme 64GB Flash drive ranked as the fastest flash drive ever!

USB drive is one among the coolest inventions to take place, majorly for the technologic people. It simply makes sense to carry a flash drive with you every time. USB sticks are being used by almost all of us to transport files between computers and back up our files. Sandisk Extreme 64GB is ranked as number 1 in its range. There is no doubt that this is the fastest USB flash drive available in the market, blowing away all the present competition. This amazing device is able to register 200MB/s reading and writing speed in its account.

In comparison to the Toshiba TransMemory, or Lexar JumpDrive P10Plus, the Sandisk Extreme is quite affordable. The device has a slider so that you don’t have to worry about losing its cap. This device is every single penny.

USB Trend

This USB flash drive is as far the most exotic hardware most people recommend and it’s incredibly important for the users. A super fast USB drive can save long hours of data transfer, only one thing to note is that you have to pay for the performance.

The largest, the most rugged and the most affordable flash drive are here. Though there are plenty of options from which you can choose from, but SanDisk Extreme 64GB stands out from the rest.

You can use this marvellous flash drive to transfer any of your important data or you can even carry your data wherever you go. Let your device store coloring pages for kids, as kids can anytime demand for the coloring exercise anywhere. You will require Sandisk Extreme 64GB Flash drive anywhere and anytime but there are other innumerable coolest things that you can do with the USB stick.

The coolest uses of the flash drives that you would have never thought before just check out here.

  1. You can simply lock and unlock computer as in the movies. Use the free PREDATOR app that turns SanDisk Extreme 64GB into an access control device, almost like a key to your computer.
  2. You can quickly connect to the Wireless Networks by setting your network’s name and password to this USB stick.
  3. Increase the performance of your hard disk drive with Ready Boost and it will act as a hard drive cache, caching the used files.
  4. You can easily install a Portable Web Server on your SanDisk Extreme 64GB flash drive and convert this into a portable web server.
  5. Use Microsoft’s USB Flash Drive Manager app if you are using Windows XP.

So, don’t wait much to grab Sandisk Extreme 64GB flash drive.

Which included in new Firefox Developer Edition?

To mark the tenth anniversary of the launch of Firefox, Mozilla has launched a browser primarily aimed atweb developers with tools they may need. Firefox Developer Edition is therefore a browser that most users will be great, but it could be the new favorite tool for developers.

Mozilla Developer EditionFirefox Developer Edition stands out not only by having a browser that usual, but also to include extra features for developers darker design: Valence and WebIDE.

Valence , formerly called Firefox Tools Adapter , aims at connecting tools development in other searchengines like Firefox to Chrome for Android and Safari for iOS.

WebIDE allows use to create applications for Firefox OS based on templates, considering that such applications are web applications, so that also work on other platforms. Besides these features, Firefox Tools Adapter mode also features adaptive design, web console, Inspector of pages, JavaScript debugger, Network Monitor, Editor of hours of styles and audio editor.

Complexity of the web, when simplicity is the solution

To differentiate a meaningful way to other sites web we Minify the visual burden of our website . For the user to feel comfortable while browsing through a design friendly, you need to invest efforts to reduce and organize the different content and options, obviously without this leading to greater complexity.

The main problems facing each user appears when each element can interact differently with the rest and adopt various functions. The complexity is increased and forces the user to make a greater effort to understand the role that he propone.Los simple elements tend to be more attractive to the user.

New on the Web development with PrestaShop 1.6

Prestashop 1.6 already available, then we will show you the news of this content manager for thedevelopment of an online store.
prestashop 1.6

Developments in the Control Panel Prestashop

Backoffice responsive, With a more intuitive design, easier and faster . Adapting to mobile devices it is very accomplished and part of that success is now based on Bootstrap

Desktop management includes very practical modules for the seller, for example, availability of direct access to Google Analytics from our store, see the sales forecast, see our accrued benefit, statistics of abandoned carts …

Now translations of the modules is done directly from each of them.

New on the “front” of Prestashop 1.6

Bootstrap Framework and uses a selection of images, which together offers a very professional design , improving usability makes a very nice user experience. Being based on Bootstrap you can make changes to a standard.

two modules are added to give ease to the user, one is the quick-view, free and comes by default, providing details and keeping us on page to buy it directly and another is Go2Cart, also free (used to cost about 60 €) and which allows us once you add the product to cart, go shopping or continue browsing without reloading the page.

Prestashop 1.6 features an upgrade system more stable and simple , has a multiple banners manager.